ČSOB Na Zdraví workout tour powered by SPARTAN

Come and train with the experienced trainers of official training groups and spend a great day in the company of other Spartans! The training is full of hard work, sweat, but also great fun! Come to our Spartan Workout and see what it’s like to be a Spartan!

ČSOB Na Zdraví workout tour powered by SPARTAN is a series of training events designed not only for all seasoned Spartans who live in the Spartan way of life but also for people who are still preparing for their Spartan premiere. Everyone who wants to run and work or spend an active day with the same-minded people will come to it.

Dates and locations
Příbram 20. 6. 2020
Žďár nad Sázavou 18. 7. 2020
Děčín 12. 9. 2020
Prague 26. 9. 2020
Kroměříž 4. 10. 2020

The exact addresses are specified in the FB and web events of each workout on the right side of this page.

The maximum number of participants is 250. Approximately one month before the event, online registration will be opened. Registration is FREE. Without registration you can not participate on SWT.

T-shirt SWT
The registered participant will receive an official T-shirt at the beginning of the event for FREE. Choose your size here

Program of Workout
Workout will take about 2 hours. It consists of warm-up, main training and stretching. Workout participants will be divided into 3 groups, which will alternate in 3 workstations. The workstations will focus on the different areas of spartan training and this – strength, speed, dexterity and teamwork. At each station, STG trainers will take you through the entire habit and train.
Breaking into groups is random, not a performance group.

Clothes, footwear
Sport clothing is recommended. Footwear suitable for field training.

We recommend that participants have their own drinking regime.

Dressing rooms
Each participant is responsible for his / her personal things – the organizer does not have a depository or dressing room.

It will be secured by mobile toilets.

Transportation, parking
According to the specifications of individual locations, the organizer does not provide any parking space.

Workout takes place in all kinds of weather.

Do not forget to take with you waiver. You can download it here

Here is the list of planned workouts. Each workout is strictly limited to maximum number of participants to 250 people.


Spartan Workout Tour Calendar 2020


  • 20. 6. 2020
  • 18. 7. 2020
  • 12. 9. 2020
  • 26. 9. 2020
  • 04. 10. 2020


  • Příbram
  • Žďár nad Sázavou
  • Děčín
  • Prague
  • Kroměříž


  • Saturday
  • Saturday
  • Saturday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday